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Neel Salekar aka Just Neel Things is a filmmaker and a content creator. He has been creating content since 2016 and has been a part of content creation by himself and with working with content companies.
He has one more YT channel named ‘Flow’ Where you can see him working as a filmmaker. Neel is a FineArtist and has done his Bachelor in Fine Arts from Sir J.J.School of art.
He has consistently worked on his content journey to make slice of life content and relatable reels across various platforms like YouTube and Instagram to keep the audience engaged with 2.8M Followers on Instagram and 305K Subs on Youtube.
His presence is not just over social media but on television and outdoor media with consistently being part of Metas creators programme.
Prominent work with descriptions –
Was part of the creators Day for Meta and was called on stage by Ranveer Singh making a moment for him at the creators day and playing his song Jinklo 7 times which resulted in Jinklo being the anthem of Meta Creators Day.

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