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Deepak Salvi, Co-founder & COO, Chingari App has been an integral name to Chingari’s growth journey since 2020.
The Chingari Short Video App, the brainchild of Mr. Sumit Ghosh and Mr. Deepak Salvi, made national news at a time when users in India were aggressively creating and sharing content, especially in the short video format.
With an MBA degree in Marketing, Deepak has been working in the media and entertainment sector for 20+ years. He has worked with esteemed media and entertainment brands / companies like CNBC TV18, BBC Worldwide, Sony, Star India, ZEE5, etc.
With this extensive Media experience, Deepak has been an ardent observer of content evolution and changing consumer behaviours across decades – and is now applying them to propel Chingari to greater heights.
Taking care of Content Strategy and scaling up of the UGC of the short video app have been Deepak’s top priorities. He has helped Chingari lead the wave of localised mobile consumption, with an aim to provide an affordable and accessible platform to content creators in India that will help them create content in their regional languages-Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali Punjabi, etc.
Deepak is trying to achieve this by enhancing Chingari’s creative experience for each and every user and helping them create entertaining and fun content in their own language and monetize on it by introducing multiple creative trends.
He believes that the content creation industry in India and globally has great potential and creators have many opportunities to explore in the long run. The industry is flourishing with the surge in the content usage and with the brands stepping in to create videos for associations. Based on the viewing pattern, the videos are reaching out to mass viewers that in-turn maximizes long-term engagement and satisfaction. And the video content, irrespective of the platform or format, is here to stay and will only become bigger in the years to come.

When off work, Deepak likes to spend his time traveling and watching movies. He is constantly on the quest to travel to destinations that are untapped by tyre trails and unique in their natural charm. Be it an expedition to a secret island, off the coast of Singapore, losing track of time in the by lanes of Istanbul, or a solo trip to the snow-capped, highly-guarded regions on the Indo-China border, every experience for Deepak is more thrilling than the previous.
Similarly, he gains great peace of mind with Cinema by his side. World Cinema, with its portrayal of strong characters & gripping screenplays, has always excited him. WFH has given him an opportunity to re-explore himself and his happy relationship with movies. The connection that both travel & movies draw upon his professional life are incredible. One influences the other and vice versa.
With the aim to take Chingari to a global level and make it a platform that aspiring market leaders & innovators can call home, Deepak, along with Sumit continues to relentlessly work towards making Chingari the premium short video app for content creators and consumers.

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