Anil Pallala

Silly Monks Ent Ltd

Started as an Audio Engineer, worked with many musicians, films and it was always fun listening to music all day. It is my passion, even today I spend some time in the recording studio which I built in Silly Monks office ;). It’s a setup created for the upcoming independent musicians to record and we make the world listen to their music.

In 2006, I joined Big FM radio and worked there for about 4 years. Life got into a loop and one fine day my friend Saurabh Sharma seeded a Mobile VAS business model in my mind. Well, Becoming an entrepreneur is my dream because being an entrepreneur lets me to create an opportunity for many more talented people.

It’s been 9 years now. Founder of 2 successful digital start-ups.
1. Whacked Out Media along with Saurabh Sharma & Sameer Choudhary in 2009. We have started the business by creating humor caller tunes for mobile service providers and got exposed to the digital entertainment world to a great extent.

2. Silly Monks Entertainment Limited along with Sanjay Reddy in 2013. Silly Monks is a public limited company and one of the leading digital entertainment company in India today.

3. I love Video Games and car driving.

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